Looking for a job I already have

Last Saturday at the Boone Farmer’s Market, I met some people while my four children held bunnies and begged their father to take one home.  So, while convincing the children that I was NOT taking a bunny home even if they had learned on PBSKids that very morning that bunnies can be house trained, I tried to keep my cool and say hello to the nice people stopping to stare.  Turns out that these folks, two women and gentleman, were locals working within ASU and the Watauga school system.  Seems they were impressed we were doing so well without Mommy and out at the market by ourselves. 

Since the children were so taken with the rabbits, I was able to talk a bit more with these folk, and come to find out the husband was formerly the Executive Director for the position I was interviewing for on Monday!  Small world, huh?  I asked if I could call him and ask some questions which he was very kind to agree to and that was that.  We managed to free ourselves from the bunnies and continue on our epic day without Mommy.

Later, I spoke with the gentleman from the market and learned a lot about the history of the position for which I was interviewing.  It was very helpful for the interview.  I also felt good about the interview itself and realized that whether I get this job or not, I am satisfied with my preparation, work and self-presentation.   All in all, a job well done, right?  I went home and thought it might be a good time to take James and Paul out to the creek to do a bit of fishing.  My first real fishing in 10 years or so.

The fishing was fun for about, oh, 12 minutes and then the children lost interest.  Nice thing about having a creek near the house is that when the children are bored, they can go do something else with minimal fuss.  While I threw the line out a few more times just for kicks, a man drove up in a truck and parked in the church lot, and then he called out to me by name.  I was pretty sure I didn’t know him.  Turns out, he was the husband of the second woman from the Boone Farmer’s Market and on a whim, thought he’d drop by and say hello.

So we spoke a while and come to find out he’d not had a church home for a while, something about being burned out and church politics and such, but his wife had thought a family of pastors and kids might be worth checking out.  And so he’s come by and caught me fishin’ after the job interview.  Not that I was catching anything.

The great part was that I think he is going to come back and visit the church with his family.  This unexpected meeting also gave me something else to think about.  When I measure on my heart which part of my work matters more, the interview or the meeting of the man while I was trying to fish, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt where my heart finds life.  I can’t fish a lick.  It’s just a way to pass time.  But I love to talk to folks about faith possibilities and I really like to think and dream and hope for a world that has found reconciliation and cares for others.  I am sure I can do this in secular work, I might even be able to do it in a church setting, but Lord knows I won’t ever be able to NOT do it. And God doesn’t seem to mind letting me remember it.  I find out about the interview next Monday.   Whatever the result, it is the right result.

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